Reading Ebert afterwards

I have the strange habit of reading Roger Ebert‘s movie reviews after I’ve watched a movie. I don’t like movie critics in general, but Ebert is just a really good writer who also happens to love movies. The reason I read the reviews afterwards (instead of before) is that I want to start a movie with an unopinionated mind. I don’t know if this is normal. Reading reviews after I’ve seen a film gives me a sense of a faux conversation. He’s writing to me, I respond with my thoughts. Isn’t it great to read this after you’ve seen a movie that you don’t really understand completely (I’m talking about Syriana):

The movie’s plot is so complex we’re not really supposed to follow it, we’re supposed to be surrounded by it. Since none of the characters understand the whole picture, why should we?

Thanks Roger. (also take a look at Ebert on TED).