Project Rimino, the future of the mobile phone

If you thought innovation in the mobile space is over, think again. Project Rimino from designer Amid Moradganjeh takes a refreshing look at the thing that is never far away: our mobile phone. Take a look at this video.

What I truly love about this are the small details that make this awesome, did you notice:

  • shake to call (0.42)
  • control the phone by touching the back, in this way your fingers don’t obscure the screen (1.05)
  • handwriting recognition (1.26)
  • very cool: when in a public spaceĀ  – such as the subway – your private information is only shown when you hold you hand over the screen (1.45)
  • live screen sharing (2.15)
  • forward a call to email with a gesture (3.33)

And then, there’s the melancholic Nordic girl which fits the Saul Bass-like screen design. Love it.